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Cloudflare Minify + Rocket Loader vs WordPress Fastest Cache Pro

It should be said from the outset, we are probably not the biggest fans of using Cloudflare for Australian websites, not just because it appears to route traffic via Hong Kong before you view your locally hosted website, which can apparently be upgraded to local content distribution if you switch to the Business plan at $200/month (oh you were already spending $200/month?!), but also because its minifying and Rocket Loader (Rocket Loader prioritises your website’s content (text, images, fonts etc) by deferring the loading of all of your JavaScript until after rendering.) in our testing, don’t seem to make much difference when switched on, and we have also had issues with Rocket Loader enabled. Granted this is definitely not everyones experience, and many people swear by Cloudflare and Rocket Loader and have no issues using it, so Nuff Respect to them!

So with that said, we came to this conclusion after we decided just how much improvement Cloudflares Minify and Rocket loader made to a site recently finished vs our favourite ‘caching’ plugin WP Fastest Cache Pro


Using our GTmetrix account, we tested with a location close to the websites hosting server (even though Cloudflare was active), with the Cloudflare Minify and Rocket Loader on, then Off, and then just Cloudflare active using WP Fastest Cache, (3x time each test) and as you can see from the results below, the verdicts out.

WP Fastest cache is just what it says it is, the Fastest by a Ben Johnson juiced country mile.

It also showed in this case, that Rocket Loader and Cloudflare minify made almost no difference when switched on, and in one of the tests, the results were slower than with it off.

So what does this mean, for us, that WP Fastest Cache Pro is our must have caching plugin when we need that extra juice squeezed out of a website, and if Cloudflare is already active on a site, probably not using their Minify or Rocket Loader.

You may have different experiences, which we would love to hear, so add your comments below on our comment section.

Header Photo by burak kostak from Pexels

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