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Customising WordPress with Advanced Custom Fields

One of our favourite things about WordPress is how customisable it is. Out of the box, WordPress comes with all the elemental features required to build a basic website. But it’s best to consider it a starting point – a scaffolding around which web developers can extend features that are limited only by their imaginations and competence.

The most powerful plugin allowing us to do this is Advanced Custom Fields. Let’s say you have a website showcasing a number of artworks. Each artwork is displayed on a page of its own alongside an array of data such as the title of the artwork, the name of the artist, the year it was painted, the genre of art, an indication of whether it has been sold, and so on. The backend of each page could simply be a standard WYSIWYG editor where the website manager includes all this information in a rambling slab of text. Or we can opt for a more elegant solution which allows us to display the information more consistently, with Advanced Custom Fields.

Each artwork can have a separate field for each piece of relevant information. For example, the back end of such a website might look a little like this:

This setup makes adding new artworks or updating an existing artwork’s data a breeze. Having clearly defined fields for each artwork also allows us to display this information in a consistent manner across the entire website. For example, the front end of the website page might end up looking like this:

Example of the front end of the website using custom fields.

Advanced Custom Fields allows us to be sure that this look and feel will be consistent across all pages of the website. And importantly, the website will be straight-forward for you to manage. The possibilities are endless and this article only touches the surface of what this plugin can do.

If you have an idea for a website that might take advantage of these great features, give us a bell.

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