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Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share Australia April 2020

It has been a while since we last looked at Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market share in Australia, and with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic in full swing and more people working from home than ever, we decide to revisit the stats and see where we were at.

Tell em the price Son!

The numbers are in, and for a brief period over Christmas, mobile usage surpassed desktop usage for the first time.

This is a little be expected, with most people off work and using their personal devices instead of work computers, but the positions flipped again in Feb and we currently have: Desktop 48.01% Mobile 45.64% Tablet 6.35%

Browser Usage in Australia

Browser usage is a little less exciting over the same period, with Chrome king by a length to Safari: Chrome 50.13% Safari 35.34% Firefox 3.58% Samsung Internet 3.48% Edge Legacy 3.2% IE 1.22% – This also likely doesn’t take into account the other browsers using the Chrome codebase.

Mobile Brands Usage in Australia

For mobile brands, Apple is still on top with more than half the market share, but has lost ground to Samsung during the year: Apple 57.36% Samsung 23.91% Huawei 7.69% Oppo 3.37% Google 1.81% Xiaomi 1.25%

Search Engine Usage in Australia

The story is worse for search engines, with no David on the scene to dethrone Googliath : Google 94.68% bing 3.54% Yahoo! 0.85% Duck Duck Go 0.59% Ecosia 0.19% Norton Safe Search 0.04%

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