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Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share Australia 2018

In the last four years, we have seen big changes in the way people view websites, with mobile usage going from almost 17% to 40%, while desktop usage in the same period sliding from 70% to 50%.

It is likely that mobiles will overtake desktops in the next four years. But because websites are built responsively these days, how much of an impact will this have on website design and development?

This answer is probably not that much

Nearly every website built today is fully responsive and tested across all platforms and browsers, and while screen sizes and resolutions for mobile phones will always be changing, websites will still require optimisation for these new screen sizes (yes, even tablets at their meagre 11%).

The issue for web designers and developers is making websites work down to the smallest resolution and still function when using the most outdated browser. Even if desktop usage drops to less than 20%, those new websites built will still need to work perfectly on these devices.

There is a real focus on UI and UX (not just for apps) these days, as designers try to make the web easier to use, and for websites selling product, have better conversions.

If you have the best looking website on the block, but it’s difficult to navigate, unintuitive and takes hours to load, then what’s the point?

This is why Kinski & Bourke custom build our websites to suit your specific needs. Using ready-made themes can be quick and easy, but will rarely serve you effectively.

So if you are in need of a shiny new website that can handle the challenges of the future, talk to us today.

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