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Fixing or Repairing WordPress themes.

It’s quite often that we are asked to look at someone’s website which they are not entirely happy with. It’s rare they are custom built ones and generally they are off the shelf WordPress themes.

People are always looking get the most for their hard earned dollars, and with a pre-made WordPress theme you get that and more.

Many WordPress themes you purchase come with a page builder that is ‘easy’ to use, but are generally slow and cumbersome (notwithstanding Beaver Builder). You also have many options that are tied in to the theme, making it easy for you to use, but often hindering the website’s performance.

These WordPress themes often look really flashy and fantastic running on the demo where you purchase them from and run reasonably quickly thanks to excellent hosting. But as soon as you put them on your cheap and cheerful hosting, they run like a three-legged turtle, and even if you then purchase some expensive cache software hoping the site will load in an instant, it rarely happens.

WordPress themes, yay or nay?

The moral of this story is that if you pay peanuts you get some sort of primate. As long as you lower your expectations you won’t be disappointed.

If you cannot afford a custom built website tailored to your needs, then we suggest you use the Beaver Builder page builder and then add your content to that. Your site will run quickly, and even though it won’t have all the bells and whistles, you will still have hair a year later.

If you want to invest in a custom website built specifically to your needs, why not talk to us and let us build you a site you can be proud of.

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