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Flash animation is dead, long live the king

As many people would be aware, Flash is slowly being phased out and with the almost daily patches to Flash player, that might be a good thing.

So that leaves all the lovely animation you could do with Flash, now moving across to HTML5.

Recently we were asked to create an Animation for a childcare centre in Sydney, and we knew Flash was out of the question, so we did some research and discovered an amazing app for OSX called Tumult Hype.

Tumult Hype allows you to “Create beautiful HTML5 web content. Interactive web content and animations made with Tumult Hype work on desktops, smartphones and iPads. No coding required.”

The ‘no coding’ required part isn’t exactly true, as for certain things you would need coded parts, but on the whole you can do most things just like you could in Adobe Flash.

So for this particular project, we downloaded the trial of Tumult Hype and got to work trying to figure it all out.
After reading a few forums and watching a few videos on how to use it, we began creating our animation, which consisted of a child blowing a dandelion across a meadow.

Luckily the child’s image and the background meadow photo were to be static, with only the dandelion flower and stem needing animating.

After a week of testing and playing with the programs physics we created what we thought was a quite nice and subtle animation with each flower element moving at a different speed once the gust of wind had taken them.

We also had to ensure that the animation would be responsive, and this took a bit of figuring out as you need to add break points at which the the animation would resize to fit each device.

The last piece of the puzzle was making it work inside a WordPress environment and at the time we did it manually, but you can now find a nifty plugin called “Hype Animations” that takes care of all the hard work rather than trying to insert the code in yourself.

So if you are looking for a relatively easy way to create a lovely animation for your website, then you could try Tumult Hype – but its currently only on OSX, so if you are working on a PC, you could try out Adobe Animate CC.

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