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What FTP software is good to transfer files from Windows?

If you are kinda old-school, you probably still prefer to transfer your files to your web host via FTP rather than directly through the WordPress environment, or cPanel.

In that case, you will requiring an FTP client that can handle the daily grind of all those file transfers.

Back in 1999 the first version of what is now called FlashFXP was created by coder named Charles DeWeese, whose scene handle was flashd (or Bigstar), and you would guess the name he chose for the FTP client was a tribute to his handle.

FlashFXP was considered a scene staple for many kids who spent too much time on their computers, that and WS_FTP were considered the go to apps that you had to have.

FlashFXP hasn’t changed too much in looks since the early versions, but it has introduced a ton of new features and functionality and for around $20USD, its not going to break the bank for something you use every day.

Some of its features include:

  • Remote edit with automatic upload on save
  • File transfer rules based on size, and, or date

There are plenty of free alternatives out there to use, but FlashFXP is our pick of the bunch.

You can download a trial version from the FlashFXP website (yes, it’s not the Flashiest looking website) and take it for a trial.

If you are on Mac using OSX, then one of the better paid options is Transmit by Panic who do have a pretty neat looking website.

So why do you need FTP Software?

FTP software is a the perfect way to give you complete control of the WordPress files on your hosting, it makes sense to have software that makes everything quicker.

If you want to quickly check or edit any file in the web hosting directory, upload or delete files and change file permissions etc.

FTP software is also a must have when you need to fix a hacked WordPress website.

There can also be times when an update for a WordPress plugin goes wrong and the website is left with a white page, which then needs to be fixed by removing the maintenance file that WordPress places in the root directory when its doing updates of live plugins.

So, do your country proud, and download or buy an FTP program today!

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