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Why good WordPress website hosting matters

A chain is only good as its weakest link so they say, and as we have said many times before, it’s important that your website is hosted well.

We recently completed a WordPress website that was hosted with a company who we won’t name, but you have most likely heard of.

As soon as we knew we would have to install the website on their servers we knew it would not go smoothly.
Move forward almost two weeks, and it was one nightmare after another, with at least 3-4 hrs spent waiting and chatting to their help desk to resolve issues.

At one stage, their custom backend wouldn’t allow the creation of a database…

In the end, the site was installed and everyone shouted hooray, but not after a massive amount of time wasted that could have been better spent elsewhere, like outside kicking at thin air.

They say you get what you pay for, but this hosting is not what you would consider cheap, yet they lock down the amount of databases you can create per plan and don’t even offer free SSL – you also cannot install another SSL cert on these plans and if you want one are made to pay a few hundred for the pleasure.

So how do you decide what is good hosting?

Ask your developer what do suggest and do your own research on forums. This way you will be better informed to make a decision that could save someone’s life! (or hair)

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