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Google fonts releases new website

Back when the internet was but a couple of computers stuck together with tin cans and string between them, using custom fonts on a website was not only a pain, but also had a significant impact on site speed.

These days, thanks to our friends at Google, using custom fonts is so easy – it’s easier than CRC was.

So if you are like us and enjoy using Google fonts for your WordPress website (or websites if you are a developer), you will be happy to notice that Google now have a shiny new Google fonts website which looks very slick and is much easier to navigate than its predecessor.

As you can see from the above image, the website now looks like a professional font foundry and this new Google fonts website will make it so much easier for you to choose custom fonts for your own WordPress website.

All the fonts you can choose from are now nicely laid out, and you can pick what sort of font you are looking for easily via the nifty sidebar full of filters and tick boxes that would make any font geek go wild.

Just bear in mind, you probably don’t want to use more than 2-3 fonts in total or else your WordPress website will end up looking messy.

So if you have had your fill of fonts and are looking for a little more light design related reading, you could also give the website a whirl, which is “a cooperative effort between the Material Design Team, Developer Relations, and Marketing. Together, we champion and produce content about the great design happening at Google everyday.”

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