Gravity Forms Donations using eWAY

In a recent post we did on accepting donations using gravity forms, we explained how to use Stripe and PayPal to accept your donations, but we recently had a job where the client require payment using credit card directly into their eWAY account.

eWAY is an Australian payment gateway service that has been in operation for over 20 years, which is quite impressive considering the volatility of the internet and digital businesses.

As the new donation form we created was using Gravity Forms, we also needed a simple way to integrate eWAY payment, and thats where the Gravity Forms eWAY plugin came in to do its magic.

Gravity Forms eWAY is made by WebAware who are an Australian company run by Ross Mckay, who makes a stack of other excellent plugins.

There is a reduced version of the Gravity Forms eWAY plugin in the WordPress plugin directory, but if you are serious about your donation form, its best to get the Pro version which also has a few other tasty features such as “payments based on conditional logic” which we required.

You will require a few eWAY API keys and passwords to insert into your gravity form, and then you can go about your work testing and making your form live once you are ready.

We had a few eWAY related issues initially, and so we needed to contact both the eWAY helpdesk and also Ross to help us sort through them, both were excellent help and before long we had our new Donation Form up and running!

Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels

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