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“I love Gutenberg for WordPress” said somebody, surely, maybe?

Oh No! WordPress, what are you doing?

If you have been living under a WordPress rock (hats off to you, it might be nice and cosy during winter), you wouldn’t have seen the buzz that Gutenberg for WordPress is generating.

The problem is, the Buzz is not a pleasant Bee creating honey type of buzz, it’s more like a thousand flies having a carcass party atop a dead dingo.

Gutenberg is essentially a page builder, similar to the other page builders such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi, WPBakery etc, except that it has started from the bottom, and it’s nowhere close to being here, or there, or anywhere (yet).

The WordPress on the street is that Gutenberg is a cake that shouldn’t have been cooked (don’t take our word for it, just read some of the daily reviews over at – currently Rating: 2.3/5 – ‎1,507 votes), but it will apparently soon be part of the core of WordPress, meaning that potentially one day soon, everyone will have to use it.

If Gutenberg does become part of the core, it will add further complications to building custom themes and potentially allow people to mash their websites into the dirt much quicker.

We have said many times over the years, we are not the biggest fans of page builders, however, there are some quite decent ones already out there with years of tested code in them, so it’s strange that WordPress didn’t just purchase one of these instead of trying to build their own.

In saying all that, maybe over the next few years Gutenberg will grow up from an ugly duckling into something ready for a Peking plate.

Here’s hoping!

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