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It’s already February.

This week we received a call from a client whose WordPress website we built three years ago, and they were looking at refreshing their website.

The site still looked nice (of course we would say that), however it was responsive using an old methodology (an expensive plugin).

Instead of making the old website truly responsive which is possible but costly, it makes more sense to redesign and code from scratch. This has a few major benefits. Those being the site will now be totally responsive from the base up and the new design will also be lighter & speedier as it will also be using the latest and greatest options available such as more custom code and better use of SVG images where possible.

The internet changes so rapidly that things used a year ago may already be out of date or antiquated, so whilst it may be an expense, it makes sense to keep your website updated every 3-4 years to avoid losing customers to a competitor with a shiny new website.

The way people view websites is also changing rapidly, with a very high percentage viewing content only on their phones or mobile devices. Only a few years ago this was the other way around, with most mobile devices too small to use comfortably, and the majority of websites not specifically designed to take advantage of them.

So if your current website is out of date, why not get in touch and let us take your old website in the 22nd century!


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