New Branding fit for a king (or a dinosaur)

Recently Mozilla, one of our favourite non-profit organizations decided to rebrand, doing away with the old dinosaur (yes) and moving into the future with a bright new brand identity.

The most interesting part about the entire process is that they have opened it up to the public for discussion and you can go to the Mozilla Blog to see the versions they are choosing from, plus all the comments from the public about what they like and dislike (spoiler alert, there is quite a bit of negative commentary)

You can also read their reasoning behind this process and discover some fun new buzzwords such as IDEATION, and also CONCEPTING.

Many people see a brand identity / logo and often times don’t appreciate how much work and time goes into coming up with something that usually looks so simple, so the fact that the design agency allowed this ‘design by committee’ approach is quite impressive/strange.

In any event, the current options they are showing on the blog are currently slightly underwhelming and you wonder which direction they will go in the end and if they will take any of the public comments on board when making a final decision.

What IS important when creating a new brand identity is listening to both the client and colleagues views on how the new design makes them feel.

There can be times where you think you have the best solution for them, and they ‘just don’t get it’ which can be a catchphrase of many designer, but the fact is, if they don’t get it, and nobody else gets it either, then what’s the point you are making.

Good design doesn’t have to be complicated and full of colour to get a point across, but it should be easy for the majority of people to understand and not just be a piece of art that sits on a wall.

If the customer is always right, then its your job to point them in the best right direction to achieve something that works for all parties.

If your company is looking to rebrand or get a new logo, then why not contact Kinski & Bourke and we promise not to hit with you any IDEATION!

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