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Small Business Logo Design and Branding just for the Love

Almost 3 years ago, we were walking down a side street in Parramatta looking for a place to eat, when we stumbled across a small Italian eatery, named Nonna Marias Place.

Although the signage wasn’t too flash, we thought it might be worth a shot, so we opened the door and sat ourselves on a table waiting to be served.

As the place was relatively empty due to the early time, the owner came out for a chat with us (Dom) and told us his story and about the restaurant and then proceeded to cook us the tastiest home cooked meal “Just like Nonna makes”.

Over the next few weeks, we went back to Nonna Marias and found Dom to be a wonderful and warm host who regaled us with funny stories, so we suggested to him that he needed a new logo.

Knowing he was just starting out, we thought it was that time of the year for us to do some design for free for someone who we thought deserved it.

Dom agreed to our suggestion of new branding, even though he had just had his massive awning sign printed (which he was in no rush to redo because of the costs) but for the general menus and cards, he was agreeable.

Craig and I wanted to create something that was in tune with the style of the decor and also the type of food cooked, so we decided on a nice hand made style for the font and the fork with spaghetti for a motif. Initially the main wording was leaning a bit to the right too much, which was a little depressing so we straightened it up, but kept a slight slant for some movement.

We also decided to make the secondary text something san-serif to offset the smooth free flowing nature of the main type.

After the logo was complete, we also made a really simple menu for the restaurant that could be printed in-house, so we decided on lots of white and simple alignment making it all fit on one sheet.

Even though the awning printed logo wasn’t changed, it was great to see the new menus and cards replaced with the shiny new logo.

Mission Accomplished.

Nonna Maria’s Place Logo

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