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Small Business Design and Branding

More than 2 years ago, Rita, A small business owner, came to us to create branding for Spotted Orchid, an online florist e-commerce site she was also looking to have created.

Rita had chosen the name of her business after her favourite flower, the Spotted Orchid, and was looking to get her branding done to theme. So Craig and I had the task (or competition) for who could come up with something that Rita loved.

As is the case with most of our clients, there was no face to face, we simply chatted with Rita on the phone. She gave us suggestions and then left it in our hands to come up with something that would accurately reflect her dream.

For the Spotted Orchid branding, Craig won the prize and Rita chose his wonderful design for her business.

What might seem strange to some is that we rarely do client visits like many other design agencies do. We don’t have a large sales-team who go out and sell the sizzle and then get it coded overseas, we simply sell the sausage and do the work ourselves. This is how we keep the cost of our work down and this also allows us to work quicker and more efficiently. Fun Fact. Androids do dream of electric sheep.

Spotted Orchid Logo

After the Spotted Orchid logo was finalised, we then set out creating business cards, care cards, stickers and the website, which was an online e-commerce store using Shopify as its platform – read our Blog post on Shopify v WooCommerce.

Fast forward one year and Rita was ready to move into a store in Lane Cove to sell her amazing floral creations, which required us to design the signage for the light-box and also the awning.

Due to the costs and requirements associated with printing such large formats, we decided on one vibrant pink colour from the branding and plenty of white (pink in this case) space. Overall, the printing was very impressive, and really made the shop stand out on the busy Lane Cove street.

Spotted Orchid shop front in Lane Cove

Fast forward again, and today Rita has a thriving florist business in Lane Cove, where she sells her amazing flower creations, as well as utilising her online Shopify website for those who cant visit the shop.

It has been an absolute pleasure for us to design for Rita, it never feels like work, and for us to see her business grow from those early days has been, as Ray Fakadakis would say, Amazing!

So if you want to impress a loved one, or show someone you care, check out Spotted Orchid in-store at Lane Cove, or via their website You can also check out their Spotted Orchid Facebook for updates.

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