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Small Business Website

Many small business start-ups don’t have vast amounts of money to spend on marketing and advertising and sometimes cant afford to put a decent chunk towards a web presence (A website, social media, etc.)

Then you find other small business companies who have had their websites built overseas and find the whole process a nightmare. Quite often, these small businesses wont know where their website is being built because the web company they are dealing with has a Sydney office or Sydney phone number and they would assume the development or design team is also local.

If their website is a pre-made WordPress theme with no structural changes, then it might not be too much hassle, but problems arise when the customer wants changes and then the information has to go through many people before the actual developer gets the information, then it has to go back in the other direction until the customer sees the change. All this and you are sometimes dealing with different time zones, so if their developer is in India, then they are essentially starting work when Australian business hours end.

We recently heard a story where a client had paid a large sum of money to get their website built locally assuming the developer was Sydney based because of their Sydney phone number and address.

Sadly for them, the website never got finished, they were not given hosting details or WordPress admin login details, so they were locked in with the company.

After a bit of digging on their current site, we discovered it was a hacked theme which was renamed and most likely the work was not done in Sydney.

After a few discussions with Kinski & Bourke, they eventually decided to start from scratch and get us to build them a shiny new WordPress website on local hosting which was registered in their name.

Short term, it was a bit of a bump to the hip pocket, but they now have total control over their website and hosting.

The moral of any story is always simple, don’t pay with peanuts and expect a seven course meal, instead, pay a few almonds or cashews and let Kinski & Bourke build your small business a new website on time and to a fixed budget.

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