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SSL, HTTPS, and WordPress – Secure your website.

If you care about your customers data, and you want to accept credit card payments on your website, you are going to want to have an SSL certificate installed.

You might be building a WooCommerce WordPress website where the client will need to accept both PayPal payments, and credit card payments, so you are going to need an SSL certificate.

PayPal is also a great option as many people have a PayPal account, however, to easily accept credit cards, using Stripe is one of the best solutions.

You will need to register an account with Stripe and then you will need to purchase an SSL certificate, which if you purchase directly from your web hosting, they can easily install it for you as well.

After your SSL cert is active (maybe 24hrs or so), you will then want to get your WordPress website all locked down, and the easiest way to do that is with the brilliant little plugin called Really Simple SSL. This plugin will take the hassle out of making your WordPress website safer and give you that neat little HTTPS lock which will give your customers confidence that their transactions will be more secure.

If you run into errors, you can check if any image elements are being loaded from outside the site and copy them locally.

There is also a premium version of Really Simple SSL, which “includes some cool features like the mixed content scan, the option to enable HTTP Strict Transport Security and more detailed feedback on the configuration page.”

So Don’t Delay, HTTPS Today!

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