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Web Design for WordPress – to plugin or not to plugin?

Here at Kinski & Bourke we specialise in designing websites that use WordPress as a content management system. The reason we choose WordPress is because it’s so flexible – it makes it easy for us to create a website that has all the features you want and it makes it easy for you to update and maintain.

Some people say that WordPress is the best because it has thousands of third party plugins to choose from. But the truth is that nine times out of ten, a plugin is not necessary and the functionality required can be easily implemented by having the developer code these features himself. In fact, if we chose a plugin every time we required a feature, we would end up with a bloated, slow-loading website that could break each time WordPress releases an update. What a headache! That’s why it’s best to choose someone who knows what they’re doing when in comes to developing WordPress websites and avoid those who just want to throw together a pre-purchased them and a collection of plugins and call it a website.

Kinksi & Bourke Love WordPress

Why do we bang on about WordPress so often, for one, WordPress is one of the best solutions for your website content management system because it is very elegantly coded and can be extended by the developer.

The second argument is that because WordPress is open source, it has a large number of contributors looking after it and maintaining its core.

So if you are asking yourself why should you choose us to do your next website, the answer is because we are experienced as we’ve been working with WordPress for ten years and are because we are based in Sydney, you will able to contact us during normal hours via phone or email.

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