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Website hosting and domain details, should you register them yourself?

It is often the case that we are asked to fix up old websites or create new WordPress websites for clients who already have a domain name and website hosting.

This requires them to pass on the login details to their current website and also the control panel or hosting details.

If they have registered the hosting themselves, this will be is as simple as forwarding across an email from the hosting company they received when signing up, and if they already have a website, the WordPress admin details their previous developer gave them after they built the website.

The problem is that some website developers like help their clients by registering the domain name in their own details and then doing the same with the hosting to make the process easier.

This is akin to purchasing a new house and leaving the builder in charge of your keys.

So when there is an issue, you have to go back through the developer to get an answer rather than dealing directly with the source.

We have seen a few instances where the ‘developer’ wouldn’t give the details of the hosting to their former client for months after they asked for them – “my cousins uncles cat is in hopsital”…

How to take control of your domain name and website hosting!

All this can be avoided though if you take control and register your website domain name and website hosting yourself.

Most decent website hosting companies will be more than happy to help you through the process of registering a domain name and setting up hosting as would your developer if you ask them for a hand.

When you do this yourself, it puts the power in your hands, and you will always have control of your domain name, website hosting, and know the exact price the website hosting will cost per month.

If your current developer changes his email addresses or goes out of business, you wont have the hassle of trying renew or get an expiring domain name back.

Handy Hint: Always print out your domain name and website hosting details in case your dog eats your emails.

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