WordPress Website Security

With all the news recently about WiFi and Intel security issues/exploits, it makes you really wonder how safe any information online can ever be.

In saying that, there are always steps you can take to limit the chance of your wonderful and shiny new ecommerce website from having its information taken and sold to the lowest bidder on the underwebs.

Here are a few simple steps we suggest for limiting the chance of your website being haxxxxxxxxxed.

    • Start with a decent Website Hosting Company
      This is the first line of defence, so even if you followed all the steps below if your WordPress website hosting is poor, you run the risk of being hacked via a server attack.
    • Ensure WordPress is updated to the latest version.
      WordPress often releases updates which sometimes contain improvements, but quite often contain fixes for known exploits, so it’s always important to keep your WordPress version up to date and it’s a very easy thing to do.
    • Ensure your WordPress plugins are up to date.
      This is the same as the above, with WordPress plugin developers either making improvements or patching known exploits for their plugins. This also is a great reason to try and use professional plugins as you know the devs have added incentive to fix any issues they find.
      You can run into issues with compatibility on occasion and have to fix bugs that appear or fix certain broken elements, but this is a small price to pay for security.
    • Ensure you run a decent Security plugin on your WordPress website.
      There are some great options available for this, and our current favourite is WP Security which has a host of nice little security features to help keep your WordPress website safe.
    • Backup Backup Backup
      Try to have backups of your website created on a regular basis, so if your website is destroyed you can quickly get it back online without too much hassle.
    • Ensure your computer is safe.
      If your desktop/laptop is not protected, you rick your login details being stolen and then you are giving your house keys over to strangers.
      Ensure your hardware is updated (bios/firmware) and you are running a Firewall/Anti-Virus and something like uBlock Origin and or a popup blocker to limit the chance of infection from worms or Trojans.
    • Wear a tinfoil hat.

So if you have a WordPress website and you are worried about doing any of these updates, why not give Kinski & Bourke a call and let us do all the leg work for you in our custom made tinfoil hats!

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