WordPress backups to keep your Website safe.

In the past, making a backup of your WordPress Website involved a number of steps, such as manually backing up your entire website directory using an FTP program or web based file manager and then making a backup of your database manually via your database back-end (such as phpMyAdmin in cpanel).

Over the last few years we have tried a number of plugin options, but none of them seemed to really work well. But then our colleague Cath from Phase enlightened us to the magic of BackupBuddy which is a total WordPress Website backup solution.

BackupBuddy is now without doubt our favourite all-in-one backup plugin because it is so easy to use, and works well on all good website hosting servers. It takes the hassle out of making a complete backup of your website locally which you can also download, it can send the files to a remote storage servvice such as Dropbox, and it also provides an installer file should you need to reinstall your website locally or to use when you want to transfer a website from your testing server over to a live server.

Making regular backups of your website is as important as making backups of your data on your home computer, as you never know when a HDD could fail or a virus could come along and ruin your important files, which is why BackupBuddy is in our eyes the best backup solution for your WordPress website.

For more info and purchasing details, head over to IThemes.

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