WordPress shopping carts or Shopify?

Nobody said WordPress was the perfect CMS (OK, maybe we did a few times) and one thing that we have only recently come around to using it for are shopping cart websites.

We are big fans of Shopify for any business that just wants to sell products, and while they have a monthly fee, the fee is essentially for secured hosting and a platform that is very easy for the client to use. A few things that Shopify doesn’t do so well are its blogging and galleries functionality. There is no easy way to add photos or create galleries on pages (excluding product pages) as there is on WordPress, which is a bit annoying.

So let’s say you wanted a WordPress website with all its blogging magnificence and also wanted to sell a few products from the same website – this is where the WordPress plugin WooCommerce can help.

WooCommerce is one of the better and more popular e-commerce plugins for WordPress. It also has many users and add-on plugins to expand its capabilities, and although there are other options, such as Shopp, WooCommerce remains the number one choice for most (this also has something to do with it being free).

So before you begin using WooCommerce on WordPress, you want to be sure your hosting company is reliable and secure. Then you need to purchase an SSL Certificate so you can secure your payment pages with HTTPS, and also tighten up your general WordPress security by installing any one of the anti-virus/firewalls available.

With all that done, you could then get really funky and sign up to a payment gateway such as Stripe which allows you to accept credit card payments.

So if you are looking for an e-commerce Website on WordPress, get in touch today!

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