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WordPress Themes?

As people may be aware, a ‘WordPress theme’ is like a suit and tie for WordPress. The default WordPress comes with its own theme, which is plain and ready for you to customise to suit your needs.

Because most people are not proficient in HTML, CSS or PHP and prefer to save a few dollars where they can, they sometimes choose to purchase a pre-made theme from one of the many websites that sell their themes for anywhere from $10 to $200.

Some people believe if you are purchasing a cheap pre-made theme for your professional business, your website won’t be taken seriously. But this is not always the case.

Some start-up businesses simply do not have the funds to spend up big on branding and marketing and need to build a web presence on the cheap – so they buy an inexpensive theme and pay someone in India to make any changes for them.

For some businesses this will be adequate, as they are not looking to stand out from the crowd with their website, they simply want to come across as professional enough to get by.

We have worked with WordPress themes for people who already use them for their website, or are seeking to purchase one they like the look of, and require someone to make the necessary changes to it.

What we do find, in many cases, is that pre-made themes are heavy and bloated, have too many options and are difficult to wrangle or customise.

Because a pre-made theme is made for everyone, it is not tailored to any particular business and as a result, includes every possible feature under the sun. This adds ‘weight’ to the code, pushing up load times and if you don’t have speedy web hosting, your website may load excruciatingly slowly.

We are a web design business in Sydney and we also make WordPress themes, but our themes are custom designed and custom coded, to suit your particular business and requirements.

Building a custom WordPress website for your business ensures that the design will be unique and beautiful, and that your website won’t contain all that extra unnecessary bloat.

So if you are considering a custom designed WordPress website from a local Sydney team who you can contact during Australian business hours, get in touch and we can have a chat about your options.

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