WordPress Web Hosting in Australia

A cake might only be as good as the quality of its ingredients, but a website is definitely only as good as the hosting it runs on.

Many moons ago when websites were designed with little code, websites could run of the smell of an oily rag and so people could run website hosting servers from their bedrooms with a single internet connection.

These days you need your WordPress websites to run on good Australian servers that send pages quickly to people browsing your websites. Nobody wants to wait for a website to load to their computer, phone or tablet, so this is where website hosting speed is crucial.

A good caching plugin and clean code can help your pages load fast, but sometimes you might many have large images on the page and so you want your web server to send those files across quickly.

Over the years we have used many different hosting companies, and whilst none are perfect, one Australian business who we often refer to our clients is Panthur – because as their website states, they offer “Fast, reliable and secure hosting” which we have found to be true, and their website design is great as well.

We also like how easy it is to use their servers and install and manage WordPress and also the speed at which WordPress websites load, plus they have a great ticket response time if you need a hand with something.

For overseas based hosting, we *did* like to use SiteGround, but we now prefer MDDHosting, otherwise for super fast loading times we prefer Australian hosting such as Panthur.

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