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WordPress Website Speed

Speed for WordPress websites is very important, and sometimes you need a bit of an added boost to get your website buzzing along nicely, and that’s where caching software comes in.

If you do a quick search you will find all sorts of WordPress caching plugins and .htaccess tricks that you can use to boost your websites performance, but out of all the options available, we like to use WP Fastest Cache by Emre Vona.

WP Fastest Cache is a really nice and simple caching plugin, that doesn’t overwhelm you with millions of different options but does the basics really well.

As you can see from the image below, you can minify your HTML and CSS  as well as a few other useful options such as Preloading and Browser Caching.

What we love about WP Fastest Cache is that it just seems to work really well on most websites, and you don’t have to trawl through errors, or try to figure out why certain things are not showing, and if something doesn’t seem to work, you can easily turn off one of the options.

We have also performed a simple GMetrix Test, so you can see the difference in speed when WP Fastest Cache is running. (note that the GMetrix testing server was Canadian and not an Australian server, so website loading for Australians would be quicker).



As you can see from the results, there was a massive improvement, with PageSpeed, YSlow, Page Load Time, Page size and Requests all having better scores when WP Fastest Cache was running, making it an invaluable plugin for any website.

There is also a premium version of WP Fastest Cache available which offers the following extra features (Image Optimization, Mobile Cache, Minify HTML Plus, Combine Js Plus, Minify Js, Delete Cache Logs, Cache Statics) but most WordPress websites can get by on the free version that is available at the WordPress Plugin Repository.

So if you are having speed issues with your WordPress Website, why not contact us today!

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